“The public has greeted this unit with enthusiasm and praise. The operation does not frustrate property owners with mess and noise, nor does it unduly inconvenience the traveling public. The department now has the ability to respond to drainage ditch emergencies quickly, because the Ditch Master is easily mobilized.” – County Director of Public Works

Ditch Master 400 & 700 Specifications
(400 is left side driven, 700 is right side driven)
Hydraulic Capacity 70 gallons
Power Triple Hydraulic Pump
Operating Speed 0 – 2 mph
Lateral Travel 3 feet
Lateral Reach 8 1/2 feet from truck wheel
Maximum Cleaning Depth 36 inches below grade
Auger 27 inch – with replaceable cutting ring
Travel Width 8 feet
Weight 4860 lbs. wet
Dump Box 8 – 10 Cubic yard capacity, Peabody Galion Scissors Hoist

Minimum Truck Specifications


Truck Conventional Cab Model
Engine 250 hp minimum
Transmission Allison MD3560P
Aux. Transmission Fuller AT1202
Frame 3/8 with 1/4 linner minimum 30.0 S.M, minimum 3,000,000 R.B.M.
Front Axle 16,000 lb.
Rear Axle 34,0002 speed 7.17/9.77
Tires – Front 315/80 x 22.5
Tires – Rear 11 x 22.5


Ditch Master 800

The Model 800 Ditch Master unit is chassis mounted behind the cab of a single axle truck chassis.

Power for the hydraulic circuits is supplied by the diesel auxiliary motor mounted on top of the truck frame rails. Controls and gauges for the motor are located in the truck cab.

All hydraulic circuits and auxiliary power unit controls are for a one-man operation from inside of the cab. Hydraulic controls consist of electric over hydraulic and air over hydraulic controllers. Electric over hydraulic are used for motor RPM control.

Ditching Unit: Unit is to have a chain driven horizontal rotating auger cutting bit mounted on an extendible arm. Auger to be 27” in diameter with a replaceable cutting ring. Auger to be able to operate in reverse. Unit to have a three stage conveying system for debris, first stage is the arm assembly, second is the bucket elevator and third is the belt conveyor which is extendable. Cutting and conveying system are to be hydraulically powered: horizontal and vertical positioning of the auger and vertical, side to side (swing) and extending of the belt conveyor are all controlled from the operator’s position.

Operating travel speed 0 + to 1 MPH
Unit travel width
8 feet
13 feet – 3 inches
Unit lateral travel
lateral reach
3 feet
8 feet – 6 inches
Maximum cleaning depth 36 inches below grade
Auger 27-inch diameter with replaceable wear ring
Weight 7250 lbs.
Hydraulics power Double pump with oil cooler
Oil capacity 94 gallons
Hydraulic valves:
   Cleaning motor (auger)      Electric over hydraulic/variable speed
   Bucket elevator motor        Electric over hydraulic/variable speed
   Belt conveyor motor            Electric over hydraulic/variable speed
Hydraulic cylinders
   Slide cylinder                     Air operated
   Arm cylinder                     Air operated
   Shoe cylinder                     Air operated
   Belt lift cylinder                Air operated
   Belt extend cylinder          Air operated
   Belt swing cylinder            Air operated

Tow bar lift cylinder          Air operated

Tow bar – truck to truck connection Hydraulically operated at rear of truck. Once latched, move control lever to float position to prevent damage to hydraulic cylinder
Auxiliary power unit 4 cylinder fully enclosed diesel motor
   Horse power 80-110 BHP
   Torque 274-305 ft. lbs.
   Displacement 199 cu. In.
   Aspiration Turbo charged
   Oil capacity 7.4 – 11.6 qts.
   Weight 1121 lbs.
   Instrument panel Keyed switch – off/on/start
Run/idle switch
Increase/decrease RPM switch
(electronic speed control)
Diagnostic port
Oil pressure gauge
Water temperature gauge
Volt Meter (not used – truck battery is used to start and run motor)
Cooling system Radiator, fan and shroud
Radiator guard



Air cleaner Rear mounted
Exhaust Top mounted muffler
Conveyor system
   Conveyor retracted 3 feet 6 inches beyond rear of frame
   Conveyor extended 13 feet 6 inches beyond rear of frame
    NOTE: Distances may vary do to placement of unit on truck frame, other truck components truck cross members
   Conveyor swing 36 in stroke cylinder
   Conveyor lift 12” stroke cylinder
   Conveyor belt length 49 feet
   Conveyor belt type Cup type risers with 2” shaved off both sides